We’ll try not to let it go to our heads, but this week Thrive have been quietly celebrating and patting ourselves on the back. Why? Because Solo won two awards at the 2014 UK Mobile & App Design Awards, that’s why!

About The Mobile & App Design Awards

The UK Mobile & App Design Awards are part of a world-wide grand slam, where apps from the UK, USA, Asia and Australia compete. The awards cover over 30 different categories, and are run by design100 - the leading global forum for applied design.

As mentioned, we scooped two awards (yeah, you read right - two!) including the Award for Best Project Management Software. And do you want to know what’s really special? You guys, our users, made it happen.

Here’s How You Helped

Because we were busy putting together our new website and blog at the time, Solo was a late entry into the awards. We're not exaggerating when we say we just managed to squeeze Solo’s entry in on the day of the deadline, June 11.

Luckily though, Solo was accepted into the Best Project Management Software category just in the nick of time - but that left us with only five days to rack up votes for our app!

The Best Of The Best Award

Our competition had a huge head start - and if we were to stand any chance of picking up one of the prestigious ‘Best of the Best’ awards (which are judged on the ratings from both the judges AND the market place) we were going to need a plan. And fast.

There was only one thing for it. You guys. Our Solo soldiers.

We sent you, our loyal users, an urgent email asking for your support - and you know what? You guys did it. You came through.

A Big Thank You to Our Users

That email got an open rate of nearly 70%, and a click through rate of over ten times the industry average - our highest ever response to an email.

And you know what? If you took the time to help - thank you. Excuse the cliché, but your vote really did make a difference, and it’s because of you’re efforts, Solo can now call itself a ‘multi’ award winning app.

First Place

Solo won Best Project Management App 2014 and - thanks to you - our time-tracking and project management software also won the B2B Best in Category Award for Project Management App as well.

The ceremony took place in London on June 18, but unfortunately, we were all too busy working late into the night to attend.

However, with over 160 entrants across the award’s 30 categories, we’re proud to have won even if we couldn’t be there on the night.

A Small Part of History

In fact, in a small way, we’re now a part history. Because the Mobile & App Awards are quite a big deal in the states and in their home country, Australia, and this was the first time ever the awards were held here in the UK.

Big Plans For The Future

Now don’t worry. We know design awards are a bit of an exercise in vanity, so we won’t be taking our foot off the gas just yet. We’re going to continue making Solo the best project management software and online time-tracking tool around, so you continue to enjoy a product you feel is worthy of your votes again in the future - ‘cos next year we’re going back to win three design awards!