Home Office Ideas
home office ideas
When working freelance, the most important room in your house is your home-office. It’s where you spend most your week, and there that you earn the money to pay for all your other rooms and keep a roof over your head.

So anyone working freelance should ensure they have a pleasant and practical workspace, that facilitates creativity rather than hinders it. Top of the list for any professional freelancer trying to achieve this should be a subscription to our project management software, Solo - but here are a few other home-office ideas that will make your workspace and little more ‘Zen’.

Leaf-Look Cable Ties

If you’re a working freelancer stuck indoors all day, here’s a neat little way for you to get back to nature. Nothing is less outdoorsy than a bunch of tangled plugs and wires, so pimp your office up with some plastic plant foliage. These cute little leaf-ties are cheap, practical, a great way to bring the outdoors in, and the first of our home-office ideas to create calm.

leaf cables

Bamboo iPad Stand

Bamboo is both beautiful and sustainable, making it a great choice for manufacturers and the environment. And that’s not the only reason we love this desktop organizer come iPad stand. It looks great, is really functional and best of all - it’s available at ProtectThePlanet.co.uk for under £25 ... well within any freelancer’s budget.

ipad stand

The Living EcoSphere

It can get pretty lonely working freelance with only our project management software to keep you company. And long hours stuck indoors can leave you cutoff from nature. Luckily for we’ve come up with the solution - or rather, Nasa have: The EcoSphere.

It’s a totally enclosed ecosystem. A self-contained and self-sustaining miniature world encased in glass, complete with living lifeforms. They’ve been called closed aquariums or the world's lowest maintenance pets. We call them the perfect desktop companion for any freelancer.


Kuvva Desktop Wallpapers

A creative freelancer spends most of their time sat in front of a computer, so why not try and make the most of it with Kuvva? An app which instantly streams a new wallpaper to your desktop every day, making it a wonderful way to organically discover new designers, photographers, illustrators and artists. We use it here at Thrive and it’s a little thing that makes a big difference to our day. Check it out - for under three bucks you can’t go wrong.

cool screensavers

Yuruliku Page Markers

Another simple way of bringing a little tranquility into your office-space at home is with these elegant page-markers by Yuruliku. Yuruliku is the brainchild of designers Koushi Ikegami and Kinue Oneda. The company name is a portmanteau of the Japanese words "yururi" (relaxing) and "yukkuri" (slowly), which seems to be reflected in these unique office accessories which are not only useful, but quite stunning.

cool home office ideas

Otto Fan by Stadler Form

There’s nothing nicer than a gentle, cooling breeze. And nothing worse than a hot, stuffy office. Enter stage-left Otto by Stadler Form, a gorgeous looking floor fan guaranteed to turn visitors to where you work freelance green with envy. So now you can manage your room-temperature while Solo handles your project management software needs.

otto fan

The Butler Charge Station

The Butler by San Diego designer, Curtis Micklish, is a stylish looking, wall-mounted charging station for your cellphone, which doubles as storage for on-the-go items like your wallet and keys, as well as a place to hang your scarf, specs or other item of your choice. It’ll also happily handle the role of your wall-clock and is available to buy on Etsy for iPhone, Samsung and HTC handsets too.

butler charge station
butler charge

The mStand by Rain

If you’re one of the thousands of freelancers who work on a laptop you may be storing up big postural problems for yourself. Not having your computer screen at eye level can lead to all sorts of neck and back issues, which is why we recommend investing in a laptop stand. And we’ve found one that’s perfect.

The designers behind this cool mStand clearly took their lead from Apple’s iMac. And coupled with an Apple wireless keyboard, we think it’s the perfect addition to our collection of home-office ideas. Especially if you’re a working freelancer using a Macbook who wants to avoid regular trips to the chiropractor.


Silicone Shortcut Covers

If you’re working freelance in the creative sector you should already be using time-tracking software to maximise your profits. And time is money, not just for you, but for your clients - so speed up your working-process and everyone’s a winner. That’s why, as a professional freelancer, you should invest in a keyboard skin whether you use Photoshop, Illustrator or any other software package on a regular basis.

keyboard shortcuts

The Staircase Storage Unit

Here’s a great way to stay organized, save space and enjoy some great looking, clever design at the same time. Danny Kuo’s staircase is a book-shelf-come-ladder which is appealing to the eye and solid to the touch. Each compartment is an independent module, so you can swap out and customise your storage, placing more emphasis on cabinet-style, swing-open spaces or sliding drawers depending on your needs.

modern home design

UI Design Stencils

For a freelance designer, there should be nothing more calming and enjoyable than sketching. So the last suggestion for our home-office ideas blog that’ll help make your workspace more Zen and intuitive, are these browser and tablet sketch pads and stencils.

They’re available from UI Stencils and if you’re designing for digital, mobile or the web, they’ve a whole heap of gorgeous products that let you get away from the screen and back to your roots with a pen and a pad.

small home office ideas
small home office

We think the items on our zen home-office ideas list are both beautiful and practical. And combined with a subscription to our project management software, we’re sure even the most hectic freelancers will be able to find peace, tranquility and a sense of calm throughout the working day.

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