getting more likes on facebook
how to get more likes on facebook

Today we start our new series, Tutorial Tuesdays. In the future you’ll find walkthroughs teaching you how to use our simple project management software along with specialist masterclasses like this - How to get more Likes on Facebook.

Giving away all his secrets today is Thrive’s very own social-media guru, Robin Tabari. Before we hired him to help with our project management software - he got over 250,000 Likes for his last client in just three months... So how the hell did he do it? Here’s how.

Timing is everything

Did you know ‘when’ you post is more important as ‘what’ you post? You want your post up during peak-traffic, when most people are checking their social media accounts - statistically, that’s on their way to and from work; so post between 7-9am and 4-6pm to get more Facebook Likes.

Size Matters

Keep it short. Concise posts get 23% more interaction than lengthy paragraphs. These days people have short attention spans and very little time to spare - so no more than 70 characters. When it comes to getting more Facebook likes, less is definitely more. I guess we can thank Twitter for that.

Engage the audience

Or to be specific, engage your current Likers. There’s a few tricks to doing this and the first is showcasing and crediting your Likers’ content on your Facebook pages. Also, be sure to share content that’s relevant to them - and if you can - get them involved and commenting.

Cause a discussion

Nothing causes something to go viral and get more Facebook Likes than online discussion. When readers get involved, Facebook notices and recognizes your post as a hot-topic, pushing it to your users’ main walls and further increasing your chance of getting Facebook Likes.

Make an event of it

Following on from tip number 4, a good way to get discussions going is with Events. For some reason, they seem to get people more engaged and lead to group discussions. Your friends can invite their friends too - which makes it the new alternative to sharing. They’re also a great way for you to get invites.

Go Mobile

Fact. 189 million plus Facebook users have gone ‘mobile only’ - meaning they read their posts on a cellphone or tablet. And with 1 in 3 Facebook Likes happening via mobile, it’s critical you understand how your page looks on a mobile device. So keep in mind how your status updates and anything else you post read on these platforms.

Make a hash of it

A little birdie told me there’s a symbol guaranteed to make your number of Facebook Likes soar. It was pioneered by Twitter and it is, of course, the hashtag. They're a growing trend on Facebook and a useful way to pull in new readers looking at related content - making your posts unobtrusive and your Facebook Likes totally organic.

A picture’s worth a thousand Likes

Although that stat may not be entirely accurate, it’s probably not far off. A strong picture draws people in and is instantly digestible as well as effortless to take in. In fact, on average, photos get 39% more engagement than worded Facebook posts. Know what that means? Yup, more Likes.

Bonus Tip

My final bit of advice is, ‘Boost’ your posts and increase your organic views. A little investment goes a long way, allowing you to target readers with similar interests or a specific demographic. Facebook then puts your post up on their main wall. After all it takes money to make money, y’all.

Nothing’s ever free

Nothing's free, including getting more Facebook Likes - because another great way to bump up your numbers is with competitions and giveaways. Sure, you have to dip in your pocket to pay for prizes - but you have to spend money to make money, right? Giveaways are the oldest trick in the marketing book for a reason, and the reason is they work.

Get legit

Get verified. Verified accounts have a much bigger chance of being seen and therefor getting Facebook Likes. Why? Because when someone types a letter in Facebook’s search field, verified accounts pop-up first and have more chance of being seen. If you can make it happen, it’s a great way to add authority to that picture of a kitten dressed as Yoda.

So that’s Robin’s advice. Follow these tips and getting Facebook Likes should be a cinch. In just over a month, he got our project management software over 1000 new Likes and 10,000 new Twitter followers - so he clearly know’s what he’s doing. Oh - and one more thing ... don’t forget to Like this post.

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