Big news from the Thrive office - we’ve launched our new app, Team … well, in beta at least. And you know what that means? If you're a Solo user, a bunch of exciting stuff is just around the corner.

So what exactly is Team anyway?

If you haven’t already heard, Team is our new project management tool aimed at studios. Think of it as Solo but for small teams and multiple users. Actually, to call it a ‘project management’ tool is underselling it a bit. It’s really more of a business management and studio analytics tool because it’s packed full of powerful new features that will help anyone managing a team or running a creative studio.

How will Team benefit Solo users?

If you’re a freelancer using Solo, Team is going to benefit you in lots of different ways. For starters, many of its revamped tools and great new features will trickle down into Solo; so in the not too distant future, you’ll get to enjoy them as well.

And that’s not all. The bigger plan is that Solo and Team will have the ability to integrate with each other, making collaboration on projects super easy for you if a studio is using our new app. And this won’t just make working on projects for these studios simple, it’ll give you an edge over other freelancers when pitching for the work there, too.

We can’t overstate the importance of what Team’s creation means for you and all our other Solo users. In fact, there will be so many improvements trickling down that when we implement them, you’ll be using Solo v3.

What are these new features?

As well as a great new look (based on a revised Solo’s UI) providing an even better UX for users, Team has a whole heap of exciting new tools and revamped favourites. And of course, because it takes its cue from Solo, all of these have been implemented in a strikingly sexy interface. Here’s a little taste of just some of them:

• Improved one-click timer
• New expenses section
• New analytics
• Separate project area
• Greater functionality in To-Dos
• Improved business metrics
• Team permissions

Can I help spread the word about Team?

You sure can. And we’d love it if you did. Helping out is simple enough, you can give us a shout out on your social media and share this link to Team’s beta sign up.

And if you know anyone who manages a small team or runs a cretaive studio, we’re also running a competition for everyone who signs up to beta. The people who sign up and get us the most referrals can win a lifetime subscription or one of 50 yearly subscriptions to Team, so make sure you tell them about it.

In the meantime, we just want to give a shout-out to you, our loyal Solo users for your continued patience and support while we’ve been working on it.

Here at Thrive, freelancing is where our heart is - and it always will be. Rest assured we’ve kept our freelancing community in mind while developing Team and you’re all going to benefit from its arrival.

What’s more, now you have an app to migrate to if your freelance business starts to grow.